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Into-The-DarkInto-The-Dark.com is a blog featuring reviews, articles, podcasts, and interviews covering all aspects of  horror, sci-fi, and dark fantasy entertainment – including movies, music, games, videos, books, magazines, and conventions. In addition to covering mainstream entertainment, we’re dedicated to promoting indie filmmakers, writers and artists. Into-The-Dark has an average of 30,000 unique visitors every month! See our FAQ below for more info.


Q: Who are the writers behind Into-The-Dark?
A: Into-TheDark.com
features the talented staff of the Dark Carnival International Film Festival, as well as guest contributors from all over the entertainment industry. (To find out more about our writers, check out their bios at the end of each article.) The managing editor is David E. Pruett, founder of the Dark Carnival International Film Festival. Into-The-Dark.com is a publication of Dark Deeds LLC

Q: How do I get my (movie, book, web video, product, event, etc.) reviewed by Into-The-Dark?
A: We would love to hear from you! To submit materials for review, please contact us at editor AT into-the-dark.com.

Q: How do I advertise on Into-The-Dark?
A: We’ve got a variety of advertising options, and our rates are the best you’ll find anywhere. For advertising inquiries, please visit our Advertising Page.

Q: I have an idea for a story, review, or interview – can I send it to you?
A: Absolutely. While we don’t accept unsolicited articles or manuscripts, if you’ve got an idea for an article that you think people will want to read, we want to hear about it. Drop us a line at editor AT into-the-dark.com.

Q: How do I become a contributing writer at Into-The-Dark?
A: Again, we don’t accept unsolicited articles or manuscripts, but if you love to write about horror (or sci-fi/dark fantasy) entertainment and have some ideas to share, then the best place to start is by sending us a writing sample. If you’ve written some movie reviews or genre related articles, pick your best and send it our way:  editor AT into-the-dark.com.  Be aware that all our writers are unpaid volunteers. That might change someday, but for now we just do what we do for the love of all things dark and creepy.

Q: What’s up with your rating system?
A: We didn’t want to do stars – everybody does stars – so we were looking for something unique and settled on Zachereley. For the uninitiated, Zachereley is the world’s first TV horror host, (we have a soft spot for horror hosts) and our rating system is in his honor. For example, the following is four and a half “Zachereley’s” out of five:

Rating: 4.5/5 ★★★★½ 


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