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Werewolf “Uncaged”


If you like your werewolf films a little less Twilight-y, then be on the lookout for Uncaged.  Starring Zack Weiner and Ben Getz, Uncaged is available this week on DVD and Video On Demand. “Orphaned as a child in the wake of a grisly tragedy, Jack was raised alongside his cousin and best friend, Brandon. […]

STAR WARS: The Force Awakens


The most eagerly anticipated film of the year (decade?) has finally arrived, and the web-o-sphere is swirling with thoughts and spoilers and appraisals. By this time you’ve undoubtedly been exposed to the conventional wisdom, but in case you need further reassurance before braving the long lines this weekend – STAR WARS: The Force Awakens is… great!


This is the age of the BOUNTY KILLER. “Bounty killers compete for body count, fame and a fat stack of cash. They’re ending the plague of corporate greed and providing the survivors of the apocalypse with retribution. Based on the graphic novel, Bounty Killer follows the exploits of Mary Death, the leading Bounty Killer on […]

Convention Review: Days of the Dead – Indy ’13


Days of the Dead made it’s debut three years ago in Indianapolis, and has since evolved into a juggernaut. With four shows across the country (Los Angeles, Chicago, Indianapolis, Atlanta) chances are, you’re within driving distance of one of them. This year’s Indy show ran July 5th through 7th, and I made the trip to […]

REVIEW: World War Z


Anyone who’s read the Max Brooks novel understands the challenge of bringing World War Z to the big screen. Rather than a traditional narrative, the book tells a story through a series of journal entries that chronicle a zombie pandemic as it spreads across the globe. In that regard, the movie does an admirable job […]

REVIEW: Dark Skies


“You are neither cold nor hot. So because you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth.” – Gangs of New York or the Bible, take your pick.  Either way, it fairly sums up my feelings about Dark Skies. Early looks had given me hope – scary sci-fi is as rare as a […]

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