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Five Remakes that Don’t Completely Suck


I know, I know. The very sound of the word “remake” is bound to encourage outrage by the horror movie community. When it comes to horror movies, fans seem┬áto rely the old “if it’s not broke, then don’t fix it.” rule of thumb. (because we all know how fans love change.) But it just so […]

Video Game Review: The Binding of Isaac


So I bet you thought that the first ITD video game review would be some next-gen survival horror. Perhaps Amnesia, or a Resident Evil/Silent Hill installment. But to honest, none of those games interest me right now. What interests me, at the moment is a little indie game called The Binding of Isaac. The set-up […]

Online Series- Mortal Kombat Legacy


Of any fighting game franchise, I can’t think of one that has a lore as rich and interesting as Mortal┬áKombat.

The S from Hell

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When I was a young child, Santa Clause (aka my mom and dad) had given me a My Buddy doll. For those uninitiated, the My Buddy doll is a rather large humanoid doll, like a cabbage patch kid bending the stretch of it’s toddler years. At first, I was excited for it, perhaps riding off […]

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