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Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures (2013)

About a quarter of the way through Beautiful Creatures, I wondered if I was seeing an early front-runner for Worst Film of the Year.

Movie Review: WARM BODIES (2013)

Warm Bodies 1a

In the wrong hands, Warm Bodies could have been a painful experience. Sweet, hoodie-wearing, indie-rock-loving emo boy – who is also a zombie – woos his lady love? The recipe for the twee-est of all tween zombie flicks is right there on paper. But in the hands of upcoming director Jonathan Levine (50/50, The Wackness, […]

Movie Review: MAMA


The best thing about Guillermo del Toro – and the films he produces – is that he tries to push genres in ways that so many filmmakers avoid in favor of lazy old tropes. Ghost stories like Devil’s Backbone, superhero films like Blade II, and fantasy films like Pan’s Labyrinth weave together classical ideas with […]

GODDAMN: How ‘Dexter’ Got His Guts Back

Dexter 1

Warning: Multiple SPOILERS for DEXTER, including last night’s season 7 finale. The first time I watched Dexter, I was kind of confused. Everyone loved it. It was a hit with critics. Its second season was a ratings smash for Showtime. Everyone sang its praises, applauding the show for pushing television’s boundaries with its serial killer […]

Movie Review: Cosmopolis (2012)

cosmopolis 1

David Cronenberg’s relationship with horror fans has become a weird one.

Movie Review: V/H/S (2012)


V/H/S might be the most buzzed about horror film of the year. The trailer’s a scream. It sickened people at Sundance. It brings together the directors of The Signal, House of the Devil, I Sell the Dead and You’re Next in an orgy of over-the-top sex, violence, and obscenity, all the while pushing the found-footage […]

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