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Series: Kill of the Week! #8 — Keep Away from Pumpkinhead


Oh, my little freaks and freakettes, I’m so happy. Summer is over, and for the next five weeks or so, it’s our time – official, balls-to-the-wall Halloween time. It’s this time of year that our blood lust is accepted by the world at large and our year-round viewing habits are finally vindicated. Okay. Honestly though. […]

DISCUSSION: John Dies at the End (2012)


JOSH:  Kara and I both dig the novel John Dies at the End. I just stumbled upon it a couple years ago, hoping to find a horror story that would actually scare me. That wasn’t exactly JDatE’s strongest suit, but I loved its perverse sense of humor, trippy meta-narrative, and blasts of ultra-gore. And who […]

Film Review: Frankenweenie (2012)


Tim Burton, as unique an artist as he is, often falls unfortunately into a common director’s trap. While he’s not necessarily a strict love-him-or-hate-him type of filmmaker, his work is constantly (and somewhat arbitrarily) being held up against itself in order to gauge its value; that said, expectations of his films are normally higher, hinting […]

Book Review: “The Cold Beneath” by Tonia Brown


Disgraced biomechanic Phillip Syntax has been forced into obscurity by his beloved mentor and betrayed by his lover. Having lived in a long, self-imposed seclusion, Syntax is visited by a legendary soldier, who offers Syntax a chance to restore his name by accompanying him on an unprecedented journey-by-air to claim the North Pole.

Series: Kill of the Week! #7 — Bloody Old Faithful


When Johnny Depp was first starting out — before he became the ridiculous movie star that he is today – Wes Craven gave him a job. We all know what happens when Wes Craven gives you a job.

Book Review: “Life After Death” by Damien Echols


Since Mara Leveritt’s Devil’s Knot was released in 2002, I’ve consumed every last word I could find on the murder trials of Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jesse Misskelley. It was a discouraging eight-year course on the brokenness of our legal system and the gross extent to which justice can be miscarried. The truth of […]

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