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A Tribute to Comic-Con: One Unabashed and Proud Geek’s Personal Love Letter

A Comic-Conning We'll Go...

With slumping shoulders, we sadly glance up at the blue sign above us as we slowly approach and with heavy hearts we read the white writing: “See you next year!” And with that…it’s over. Again. And a serious case of the “post-convention blues” begins to settle into my soul. It’s over. Again. (deep sigh) It’s […]

Film Review: A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD (…or maybe just TO DIE)


[Note: This review contains minor spoilers.] My wife and I are HUGE movie fans. You could even say…film is “our life” in many ways. I work in “the industry” (although not as often as I’d like to), we met while working at a movie theater, we spend a lot of our free time watching movies […]


2012 brings us a new version of everyone's favorite web-slinger.

[Note: This review contains minor spoilers.] Anyone who even remotely knows me knows…I love Spider-Man. Old webhead’s always been my favorite superhero and I’m a big fan of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films. Of course, it helps that- to me -they were all enjoyable films. Cheesy, yes. But fun and emotionally involving? Absolutely.

David Arnold: The Man Behind the Modern Sound of Bond…

David Arnold: the maestro of Bond.

Nobody does it better… Upon reading that, one might think I’m referring to Bond…James Bond, and in a way, I am. But I’m referring more specifically to the man behind the music that has accompanied Bond on his last five cinematic entries: composer David Arnold.


The TERMINATOR saga continues in...Terminator: Salvation

[Note: This review contains minor spoilers.] Terminator. The word in and of itself is practically iconic in pop culture. Most people, even if they haven’t seen any of the films, know to a certain extent what the films are about, and the title character himself (or should I say “itself”?) has seeped into the public […]

Top 10 Scores for Horror Films


As my first contribution to the site, Scott Schirmer- knowing I am a full-fledged film score devotee -asked me to come up with this list. But, before we get into my top ten, allow me to first thank everyone behind this site for allowing me to contribute.

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