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Movie Mini-Review: Deranged – Confessions of a Necrophile (1974)


This movie may never get out from under the shadow of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which came out the same year and was also inspired by the notorious Ed Gein. And it’s too bad, because this is a terrific flick. Like TCM, it is very low-budget and raw, which gives both films a ‘cinema verite’ […]

Top 10 Creature Features


All top ten lists are highly subjective, so let’s just be clear here: these are MY top 10 creature features, not the results of scientifically sound survey or research.  Oh, and I limited my selection to ‘inhumanoid’ creatures, so humanoid monsters like Hannibal Lecter and Dracula are not in this list.  Obviously, not everyone’s favorite […]

Movie Mini-Review: The Lost Boys (1987)


The public will never let Joel Schumacher live down his Batman movies, but let’s not forget that before there were nipples on the Batsuit, there was The Lost Boys. I think it’s Schumacher’s taste that made this movie what it is: the essence of cool. It was one of the first movies to make vampires […]

Movie Mini-Review: The Island of Dr Moreau (1977)

Movie Mini-Review: The Island of Dr Moreau (1977)

The fine line between what is human and what is animal is one of my favorite subjects, so I love H.G. Wells’ original story, and despite popular opinion, I really liked the 1997 film version, too. This version is less faithful than the ’97 one, but I do enjoy the fact that Dr. Moreau attempts […]

Movie Mini-Review: Tightrope (1984)


Clint Eastwood plays a New Orleans detective teamed with a rape counselor played by Genevieve Bujold (Dead Ringers, Coma) to track a murderer whose spree starts hitting closer and closer to home. Eastwood’s performance is more grounded than his more famous ‘man with no name’ portrayals. I’m not saying he deserved an Oscar, but he […]

Movie Review: The Thing (1982)


Kurt Russell stars as an Antarctic scientist trying to discover the identity of a mysterious alien that slaughtered a neighboring research team. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve never seen John Carpenter’s The Thing, and you call yourself a horror fan, you are in for the biggest pants-shitting session of your […]

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