‘Kill of the Week’

Series: Kill of the Week! #8 — Keep Away from Pumpkinhead


Oh, my little freaks and freakettes, I’m so happy. Summer is over, and for the next five weeks or so, it’s our time – official, balls-to-the-wall Halloween time. It’s this time of year that our blood lust is accepted by the world at large and our year-round viewing habits are finally vindicated. Okay. Honestly though. […]

Series: Kill of the Week! #7 — Bloody Old Faithful


When Johnny Depp was first starting out — before he became the ridiculous movie star that he is today – Wes Craven gave him a job. We all know what happens when Wes Craven gives you a job.

Series: Kill of the Week! #6 — Sleeping Bag Smash


We all knew Jason Voorhees was going to show up in these articles at some point, so it might as well be now. Hell, he might show up again…maybe if we all go out and fornicate in the woods. Sounds like a solid plan to me. Bring your sleeping bags…

Series: Kill of the Week! #5 — Choke on ‘Em!


Sometimes, the joy of a great on-screen death comes from the gory details of the kill itself; that’s what we’re here to celebrate. There’s something so satisfying, though, about seeing a total douchelord bite the big one. With that, I give you Captain Rhodes.

Series: Kill of the Week! #4 — Riding in Cars with Boys


This is what happens to that asshole who calls in to the radio station and spouts off on the air.  Let this be a lesson to you:  don’t be that guy.  Especially if you find yourself in the opening sequence of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

Series: Kill of the Week! #3 — Drop the Chainsaw!


Today’s Kill of the Week is brought to you by your friend and mine — the fancy-dining, axe-wielding, serial-killing host-with-the-most — Mr. Patrick Bateman. Need help making that pesky hooker disappear? He’s your man.

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