This is the age of the BOUNTY KILLER. “Bounty killers compete for body count, fame and a fat stack of cash. They’re ending the plague of corporate greed and providing the survivors of the apocalypse with retribution. Based on the graphic novel, Bounty Killer follows the exploits of Mary Death, the leading Bounty Killer on […]

New Music Video from The Bloody Jug Band – “Roadkill Boys”


Florida swamp-noir stompers The Bloody Jug Band are back with a brand new video. “Roadkill Boys,” one of the strongest tracks from their album Coffin Up Blood (review here) is a slow-burn-to-blister song detailing the lives of those who feed on carrion and death… and the video… well, it features puppets! No worries, fiends… much in […]

NEWS: “Lord of Tears” Coming Soon…


There are many new indie projects that we’re really excited about, but one that particularly caught my eye recently is Lord of Tears. Shot against the backdrop of the Scottish Highlands, the cinematography is absolutely stunning and the atmosphere, while familiar (especially to fans of the sort of films produced by Hammer,) is chilling, nevertheless. It’s a […]

News: “The Taint” Gets a Blu-ray Release


I first saw “The Taint” back in 2010, when it was part of the line-up at the Dark Carnival International Film Festival, and it’s been on my radar ever since. It’s one of those infectious, parasitic kind of indie movies that burrows into your brain and gets all comfy.  You may love it – or […]

Graphic Novel: “The Evil Tree” (FREE download)


The holiday season is in the air – and the gift giving that goes along with it. This time of year, there’s nothing better than a cool freebie, and Arcana Comics is delivering the goods with their new graphic novel, The Evil Tree.

View the Trailer: “Pacific Rim”


You might recall back in July when we first brought you news of Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming Kaiju film Pacific Rim. Well we’re happy to report that today Warner Bros. has finally released the first trailer – as well as some awesome looking blueprints of the giant Jaeger mecha. This is the kind of film […]

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