View the Trailer: “Pacific Rim”


You might recall back in July when we first brought you news of Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming Kaiju film Pacific Rim. Well we’re happy to report that today Warner Bros. has finally released the first trailer – as well as some awesome looking blueprints of the giant Jaeger mecha. This is the kind of film […]

Help THE BLOODY JUG BAND fund their next video!!!!


The Bloody Jug Band, those swamp-noir raconteurs that brought you the kick-ass COFFIN UP BLOOD, are raising money to fund their second music video, and YOU have the chance to help produce it!!!

News: First look at A&E’s “BATES MOTEL”


Unless you just happen to love reality TV (in which case, I pity you) it’s hard to get excited about most of the crap that passes for television programming these days.  One thing you can count on, for better or worse, is that if something is a huge success, studios and networks will trip over […]

News: The ‘Prometheus’ that might have been…


Prometheus is one of those movies that seems to divide people into two camps: those who got their minds blown, and the less-than-impressed. I fell solidly into the latter, and I have never wavered. As a die-hard fan of the original Alien films (even number 3!), this movie gave me very little of what I […]

News: “World War Z” delivers the first trailer


While I really enjoyed the book, it’s format left me doubting the wisdom of trying to adapt World War Z to the big screen. And by all accounts, the production has had its share of setbacks, including key members of the crew leaving, rewrites, and re-shoots – ultimately resulting in the release being pushed from December […]

The Zombie Defense Industry


Several months ago you might remember my review of Zombie Nation, a magazine devoted entirely to “zombie preppers” without even the slightest hint of tongue-in-cheek. Ever since zombies hit the mainstream, businesses and organizations have been playing on the public’s real world fears (terrorist attacks, natural disaster, home invasion) and our fascination with an entirely […]

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