The Casket Creatures – Deranged (2016)


The Casket Creatures – Deranged (2016) Right off the bat, it’s my opinion that 2016 is already shaping up to be a good year for horror punk. It’s not hyperbole, and, while I’m not holding my breath for Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only to hug and make up, I have to say that the demon […]

The Jasons – Get Fucked (2016)


The Jasons – Get Fucked (2016) Horror punk comes in many forms, but rarely is there a group with the laser focus – or insane obsession – to dedicate their whole band, and each album, to one particular horror sub-set. The Jasons are such a band, and the Friday the 13th franchise – encompassing three […]

Misfits – Vampire Girl/Zombie Girl (2015)


Misfits – Vampire Girl/Zombie Girl (2015) Label: Misfits Records Oh, how the mighty have fallen. It’s not a secret that, in the past decade, the Misfits, the seminal horror punk band from Lodi, New Jersey (once fronted by Glenn Danzig) have gone from “seminal punk band” to “decent not-as-great-as-they-once-were-but-still-underrated horror metal band” to “gee whiz, […]

Danzig – Skeletons (2015)


Danzig – Skeletons (2015) Label: Evilive/Nuclear Blast Welcome to the first edition of “Nathan’s HOUSE OF WAX,” a weekly look into the world of macabre music, with a specific, but not limited, focus on vinyl releases. The prospect of a covers album is always dicey. You’re instantly running the risk of releasing an album that […]

STAR WARS: The Force Awakens


The most eagerly anticipated film of the year (decade?) has finally arrived, and the web-o-sphere is swirling with thoughts and spoilers and appraisals. By this time you’ve undoubtedly been exposed to the conventional wisdom, but in case you need further reassurance before braving the long lines this weekend – STAR WARS: The Force Awakens is… great!

Music Review: The Bloody Jug Band – Rope Burn (2015)


So, confession time. Into-The-Dark.com struggles with recent posts due to the fact that those of us who are contributors are also filmmakers – who are currently jumping from one feature to the next. So, due to the fact that we’ve been in an awesome-but-tiring cycle of preproduction-production-post-release-preproduction-production-post-etc, and the fact that we work day jobs, […]

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