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Graphic Novel: “The Evil Tree” (FREE download)


The holiday season is in the air – and the gift giving that goes along with it. This time of year, there’s nothing better than a cool freebie, and Arcana Comics is delivering the goods with their new graphic novel, The Evil Tree.

Book Review: The Art and Making of Hotel Transylvania


Hotel Transylvania is an animated feature film from Sony Entertainment that tells a coming of age story and deals with sensitive subjects like the loss of a parent, and our fears and prejudices regarding those who are different. And it does all this against the backdrop of a haunted castle, amidst fart and pee jokes. […]

Book Review: “The Crew: Volume 1, 2, and 3” by Robert Cobbs

The Crew by Robert Cobbs

How good are self-published books really? ┬áRobert Cobbs proves the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” in The Crew where the last thing a vampire wants is to be fired.

Comic Book Review: “End Times”


When I got my hands on the first issue of “End Times: New Illustrated Tales of Fear” I was prepared to dismiss it as something not quite ready for prime-time. The cover layout was kind of amateurish, and the art didn’t blow me away. And then there was the liberal use of some “blood-drippy” horror […]

Book Review: “The Cold Beneath” by Tonia Brown


Disgraced biomechanic Phillip Syntax has been forced into obscurity by his beloved mentor and betrayed by his lover. Having lived in a long, self-imposed seclusion, Syntax is visited by a legendary soldier, who offers Syntax a chance to restore his name by accompanying him on an unprecedented journey-by-air to claim the North Pole.

Comic Book Review: “Blackburn Burrow”


Since I was a kid I’ve been a fan of alternative history fiction – especially when it’s horror fiction. It seems to be a niche you see more often in books than movies, with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter being the only horror film in recent memory to employ this particular device. Comic books, on the […]

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