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A Tribute to Comic-Con: One Unabashed and Proud Geek’s Personal Love Letter

A Comic-Conning We'll Go...

With slumping shoulders, we sadly glance up at the blue sign above us as we slowly approach and with heavy hearts we read the white writing: “See you next year!” And with that…it’s over. Again. And a serious case of the “post-convention blues” begins to settle into my soul. It’s over. Again. (deep sigh) It’s […]

Convention Review: GenCon 2012


With more than 36,000 attendees, GenCon is among the largest events of it’s type in the US, and it is the single biggest conference in the state of Indiana. GenCon has a long and distinguished history, having been founded in 1967 by the late Gary Gygax, the co-creator of the world’s most famous role playing […]

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