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Review: The Lords of Salem (2013)


Rob Zombie is probably the most debated and polarizing director working in horror today. No current director in the genre draws such extreme and varying reactions as Zombie, and, as an admitted fan of his work, I find this hard to believe. It could be that Zombie, known to many fans for years as the […]

DISCUSSION: John Dies at the End (2012)


JOSH:  Kara and I both dig the novel John Dies at the End. I just stumbled upon it a couple years ago, hoping to find a horror story that would actually scare me. That wasn’t exactly JDatE’s strongest suit, but I loved its perverse sense of humor, trippy meta-narrative, and blasts of ultra-gore. And who […]

Movie Review: WARM BODIES (2013)

Warm Bodies 1a

In the wrong hands, Warm Bodies could have been a painful experience. Sweet, hoodie-wearing, indie-rock-loving emo boy – who is also a zombie – woos his lady love? The recipe for the twee-est of all tween zombie flicks is right there on paper. But in the hands of upcoming director Jonathan Levine (50/50, The Wackness, […]

Indie Film: Survivor Type (2012)


When Richard Pine is stranded on an island after the cruise ship he was on sinks, to what lengths will he go to stay alive?

Indie Film: “Merry Little Christmas” or as I like to call it, WTF!


In my continuing effort to bring you some holiday horrors that have most likely escaped your attention, I decided to share Merry Little Christmas, a 20 minute indie directed by Manuel Marin. I have to say that I debated long and hard, because this is a difficult movie to watch. If you happened to see […]

Indie Film: “Treevenge” a short tale of Christmas carnage


I’ve been wanting to post something in honor of the holiday season, but I didn’t want to fall back on the same old “Top 10 Horror Movies with a Christmas Theme.”  Those lists show up every year, always with the same handful of films. That’d be like ‘ol Santa dropping a shitty lump of coal […]

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