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Music Review: The Bloody Jug Band – Coffin Up Blood (2012)

The Bloody Jug Band - Band Photo

While horror-themed music is represented in almost every musical genre, a good deal of it resides in the “punk” or “metal” category. Yes, horror-rap is available (horrorcore rapper Necro, for starters, and I think there may be a group that consists of rapping clowns, but I’m not sure…), and horror-themed surf is readily available (check […]

Music Review: Calabrese – “Dayglo Necros” (2012)


Ever since the Misfits burst out of the crypt in the late 70’s to unleash horror punk into the world, other bands have offered their own takes on this witches’ brew of a genre, mixing heavy guitars, doo-wop harmonies, and everything from camp creepiness to straight up gore-filled imagery to define their sounds and make […]

David Arnold: The Man Behind the Modern Sound of Bond…

David Arnold: the maestro of Bond.

Nobody does it better… Upon reading that, one might think I’m referring to Bond…James Bond, and in a way, I am. But I’m referring more specifically to the man behind the music that has accompanied Bond on his last five cinematic entries: composer David Arnold.

MUSIC REVIEW: Dark Shadows (2012) – Original Score

Dark Shadows - Danny Elfman Score

Just as Johnny Depp is Tim Burton’s cinematic avatar, Danny Elfman is Burton’s brother-in-atmosphere, connecting to the director’s unique atmosphere through music the way that Depp connects with the director’s misfit heroes. Since 1985’s Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Elfman has contributed the score to nearly all of Burton’s major studio output (with the exceptions of Ed […]

REVIEW: Dark Shadows – The House of Despair (audio drama)


Dark Shadows, that ever-rising creation of Dan Curtis, the horror-soap that has spawned two television reboots (one unaired), two direct film adaptations, one forthcoming big-budget re-imagining by Tim Burton, as well as comics, novels, and albums, has spread its story broadly; the narrative, covering many, many generations of the cursed Collins family, seems as undying […]

MUSIC REVIEW: The Original Music from ABC-TV’s Dark Shadows


Dark Shadows, the kooky horror-soap that introduced housewives and schoolchildren to vampire Barnabas Collins, may very well have been one of the first instances of cult worship ever to be lavished onto a television program. Even today, the fervent adoration of Dark Shadows seems rivaled only by Star Trek (a program that lived and died […]

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