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To say I’m not a fan of most reality TV programs would be a gross understatement. The worst of them are nothing but modern day freakshows featuring shallow, narcissistic train wrecks disguised as human beings. One of the ones that really makes me squirm is Big Brother – watching that show always leaves me convinced that humanity is doomed. I’ve often thought that it would be a lot more tolerable is if the contestants met an untimely demise – oh, and the audience at home got to pick who went next, and how.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one.

Choose Your Victim is a new, interactive web series that spoofs shows like Big Brother and Glass House. From the show’s creators:

Choose Your Victim is an 8-part bi-monthly web series, coming this summer 2012. It is based on a fake reality TV show titled “Survive-THIS!”, where 8 young, drama and hormone-fuelled contestants are dropped on a secluded island to fend for themselves.

But! – There’s a killer on the loose (unknown to the contestants), and at the end of every episode, a contestant meets their DOOM!

C’mon… you think that’s it? There’s MORE! After each episode, we open the doors for YOU to tell US who will die next… AND HOW! We pick the most sickly-twisted entry, shoot it, and voila!

The audience is the decision-maker is this project, and every episode will be like a contest: the viewers conjure up which contestant will die, and how they die, then we choose the most original entry, shoot it, and put it up on the web, just in time for the next episode!

Getting the audience in on the mayhem is a great touch and fits perfectly with the web series format. Choose Your Victim is well-crafted with slick, TV-quality production values and some great looking gore. The host is over-the-top and the “contestants” are grating, but that’s partly because they’re doing such a bang-up job of parodying their network “reality” TV counterparts.

A few of episodes are already in the can, and you can watch the first one below, but be sure to visit the website where you can still help choose the fate of the remaining douchebags contestants: http://www.chooseyourvictim.com

Stills Gallery:

UPDATE: 8/6/2012 – Episode 5 is now available!
See it, and episodes 1-4, at http://www.chooseyourvictim.com/Episodes.php


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