Dark Side of the Web: Evil Dead in 60 Seconds


If you’re anything like me, then the recent release of the ‘red’ band’ trailer for the upcoming Evil Dead remake left you pining away for the April 5th release date. Well pine no more you primitive screwheads, ’cause we’ve got a little something to tide you over.

Raynor Shima, Luke Bramley, and Gigi Saul Guerrero are pleased to present to you – Evil Dead in 60 Seconds 2013 for the Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival. Shima says, “we are HUGE “Evil Dead” fans and we wanted to take the chance to recreate the 1981 cult classic in 60 seconds.”

You can view the movie below, and as of this writing, there still a little time to get in on the first round of voting.  (Just find their video and click the FB “Like” button.)




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