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Saternapinatost Films has announced the debut episode of “Florida in the Shadows”, a new webseries airing on YouTube. You might describe this as a mash-up of late night TV horror hosts and SyFy Channel ghost hunters, but without a whole lot of actual ghost hunting.  From the producers: “It’s a sexy, campy romp through haunted locations staring Playboy model Amber Sym as horror hostess Countessa Lenore, The Harlot of Horror!”

The first episode takes Countessa Lenore to a lake in the Ocala National Forest known to locals as The Haunted Lake of the KKK. New episodes will air on a weekly basis.

FITS Skull LogoI’ve never thought of Florida as being a paranormal hot-spot (at least not to the point that you could do a weekly show), and this first episode doesn’t do much to change that view, but Amber Sym is definitely fun to watch as she’s doing her best Elvira imitation.  You can check out the first episode below, as well as a link to a behind-the-scenes video, and an episode from Amber Sym’s own vlog.

Florida in the Shadows : The Haunted Lake of the KKK

Behind-the-scenes channel documenting the struggles inherent in making the webseries.

Amber Sym’s personal VLOG featuring a ton of horror-related content.


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