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When I first discovered HAUNTED a few years ago, it was on a shelf in a local independent bookstore, among several other new UK import horror mags. Where the others seemed to look a lot like Fango clones, this one stood out for its more eclectic content. HAUNTED published the familiar movie previews and “Top 10” lists, but it mixed those together with a lot of ghost hunter and paranormal articles. It seemed like an unusual formula, but the quality of the layout and writing was a lot better than most, and I always grabbed a copy whenever a new issue came out.

When the economic downturn made it’s way to the UK, the magazine started running into trouble. Printing costs skyrocketed and advertisers were drying up, and after about half a dozen issues, HAUNTED ceased print publication.

Paul Stevens, the publisher of HAUNTED, refused to give up on his dream project, and for awhile HAUNTED operated as a blog – and then later as a PDF download. This past May, the magazine reached the next stage of its evolution when it re-launched as a completely new online publication in a variety of ebook formats, including mobile and iPad.

HAUNTED MagazineThe new HAUNTED Digital Magazine looks better than original print version, and the content is as eclectic as ever – maybe even more so. Issue 2 just came out, and articles includes a Poltergeist retrospective; a Top Ten Best Zombie Movie list; an article on the role of ravens in history, literature and film; an extensive thirteen page biography of H.P. Lovercraft; an interview with a UK ghost hunter; and an article on UFO sightings. And that’s literally just scratching the surface!

Most of the time, when a magazine tries to cover this much territory the results can be less than spectacular. HAUNTED really does try to have something for everyone, but that means it probably has some stuff you may not be that into (for me, that’d be the ghost hunter articles.) The thing is, at only $1.99 an issue, even if you don’t read the whole thing it’s still a damn good deal – especially when a print mag typically costs 8 bucks or more. (For my part, the H.P. Lovecraft and raven articles alone were worth a buck ninety-nine!)

You can check it out for yourself HERE, or you can download it directly from the iPhone or Android app stores.

From the HAUNTED press release: “HAUNTED Digital Magazine is the world’s only magazine that takes a fun & entertaining look at the world of all things Paranormal & Horror. With informative and entertaining features from the scary side, the sexy side, the dark side, the entertainment side, the demonic side, the ghostly side, the spiritual side and any other sides that the paranormal and horror sector decides to show from time to time. We are your one stop paranormal and horror pic’n’mix. Written and designed by two cheeky but loveable guys and supported by a band of merry men and women (feature writers, photographers, models and contributors). We spotlight up and coming indie producers, directors and actors allowing them to promote their projects. We follow the dark paranormal cases that they don’t show on the TV and we follow Carla, aged 14, who is one of the youngest EVER ghosthunters. We are passionate about bringing you the best ever paranormal and horror content. Come and join our journey.. We like to think that we have a marriage made in heaven relationship with our readers, even though it is written and designed in Hell (well just north of Nottingham, UK)”


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