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Davide Melini

Emerging Italian filmmaker Davide Melini has worked on several feature projects in his career, most recently in Rome as an assistant director on Dario Argento’s Mother of Tears: The Third Mother.  In addition, he’s also written and directed a handful of his own short films, and was kind enough to share two of his most recent ones with Into-The-Dark.

The PuzzleIn the first one, entitled The Puzzle, a woman decides to cut off her deadbeat son who’s always looking for handouts, but mysterious consequences make her regret her decision. The Puzzle manages to do a fair amount of storytelling in its 5 minute running time, and it has good production values, at least on the visual end of things. The sound design is a little lackluster, but on a budget of only 300 Euros, there’s bound to be some compromises.

Melini says, “although it’s a short of just 5 minutes, it’s arrived at the finals of 17 international festivals (with the award as ‘3rd Best Italian Film’ at the Rome International Film Festival). The short has been broadcast on Coming Soon Television (Italian TV), on PTVMálaga (Spanish TV) and on the Monster Channel (American web-based show).”

The Sweet Hand of the White RoseThe second film is entitled The Sweet Hand of the White Rose, and runs closer to 20 minutes.  This movie is more visually interesting than The Puzzle, with some very nice lighting and cinematography. Also, having been shot on location in Italy, it benefits greatly from the local surroundings. However, just like The Puzzle, it suffers from sub-par sound design. There’s voice-over narration that comes across as a little odd, and the Foley effects are less than subtle.

The Sweet Hand of the White Rose is a combination ghost story and public service announcement (on the evils of cell phones and driving.) That might be a bit of turn-off for serious horror fans, but even if that part bugs you, I think it’s worth watching for the visuals alone.

You can check out both videos below, as well as some cool production stills…


Stills from Sweet Hand of the White Rose

Director Davide Melini on the set

Actor Carlos Bahos


Leocricia Saban in a scene from the movie

Shani Jones and Stefanya Hernández

Actress Natasha Machuca checks out her
bloody special effects


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