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Fans around the world paid tribute this week to author H.P. Lovecraft, who was born August 20th, 1890. Many well-known, contemporary authors of horror fiction have cited Lovecraft as a major influence. Stephen King called him “the twentieth century’s greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale.” There are many other perhaps lesser known authors who take things a step further, writing new stories that actually take place within the “Lovecraftian universe.”

A prime example of this is the Lovecraft eZine, a monthly online publication that features short stories that share themes of cosmic horror, the discovered knowledge of unnameable, terrible things – and maybe even a Shoggoth or two.

Each issue contains four or five original stories, complete with illustrations. The magazine is careful to select only material that hasn’t been published elsewhere, and the quality of the writing ranges from fair to downright exceptional.

Lovecraft eZineAn excerpt from “The Thing in the Depths” by Pete Rawlik, from the July 2012 issue:

“Whether they were fish, crustacean, or mollusk, the ancient fed upon them quite passively, for it had little choice.  The thing’s upper limbs were pinned behind it, bound in a strange mass of pulpy tentacles that congealed along the creature’ spine and enveloped everything below the massive abdomen.”

“So intent was I on studying the poor imprisoned creature that I failed to comprehend that the thing had noticed me as well.  When it spoke I shuddered, for the language was too ancient, the voice too loud, the pressure too great, but I knew that it was revealing to me a secret, something horrid and forbidden.”

One of the more recent features of the zine is that stories include an audio version, with a ‘Play’ button, so you can listen right from the site. Many issues also include a section for original art, and each issue has a unique cover worthy of a print publication.

So how much does all this awesome content cost? Zip. Zero. Just like the nothingness of the great void. In addition to the stories, the Lovecraft eZine website also has a movie section, with links to free fan-made films and links to free studio films, including movies like Prince of Darkness, Re-Animator, and Beyond Reanimator.

Also, if you’re an author this is an online publication that’s worth submitting your work to, because unlike other free ezines, this one actually pays contributors.

My biggest criticism of this site is that the design is  bland, and it’s clunky to navigate. If you happened to stumble onto it during some late-night web surfing, it’d be really easy to overlook… and that, my friend, would be a grievous mistake.

To check out the Lovecraft eZine for yourself, visit http://lovecraftzine.com


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