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If you like your creepy tales in bite size morsels, then friends I have just the thing for you.  Scared Stiff is a long-running web series produced by Connecticut filmmaker
Douglas Plomitallo. The show has been around since 2009 and features a new episode about every month. Each episode runs between 5 and 10 minutes and they’re available on YouTube and as mobile downloads, so they’re just the thing for getting a little horror fix while you’re waiting in line for your McNuggets.

Unlike some similar stuff produced for the web, these shorts have good production values and above average acting. Each episode is a self-contained plot, and the stories are reminiscent of Tales From the Crypt and Twilight Zone. Some episodes are on the tame side, nevertheless all but the hardcore gore hounds will find something they like.  I noticed that there are a handful of actors that tend to get recycled from one episode to the next, but they all do a good enough job that it doesn’t really get distracting.

You can see some recent episodes below, and to get the full line-up, be sure to visit the website at http://www.scaredstiff.tv.

Predator: The True Horrors of Halloween was released this past October and it recently played at this year’s Tromadance film festival.

Closet Monster was selected by Eli Roth as a finalist in Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights film competition.

Alone – a post-apocalyptic tale of a woman who wakes up in a vacant house with no memory how she got there.


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