Film Review: Martin (1978)


Everyone associates George Romero with his zombie flicks, but if you ask the director, he’ll say the dark character study Martin is his favorite work. Martin is a young man (John Amplas) who believes he must drink blood in order to live. Early in the movie, Martin moves in with his cousin (Lincoln Maazel), a superstitious old man who wholeheartedly believes Martin is ‘nosferatu,’ despite Martin’s argument that no magic is involved — that he just has “a condition.”

Amplas is very good in the nearly mute title role, portraying qualities you might not expect from a serial killer — things like gentleness, nervousness, and regret. There’s an early scene where Martin drugs a woman, then crawls into bed with her naked body before drinking her blood. It could have been a straight-forward rape and murder scene, but Amplas and Romero layer in some unexpected tenderness.

The result is a movie that succeeds very well in humanizing a monster and making us, against our better judgment, feel for him. Look for makeup guru Tom Savini in a supporting role.

Rating: 3.75/5 ★★★¾☆ 


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