Film Review: The Pit (1981)

Into the Dark: Film Review - The Pit (1981)

A sexually infatuated twelve-year-old boy (is that redundant?) does what his teddy bear tells him to, which includes feeding the locals to a pack of monsters who dwell in a pit in the woods. I don’t know what the teddy bear and the pit monsters have to do with one another, but the first half of The Pit is remarkable in its depiction of a psychopath-in-the-making.

My favorite scene is one where the boy sneaks into the bathroom while his babysitter is in the shower. He writes “I love you” on the bathroom mirror and waits in giddy anticipation of her response. When she screams and admonishes him, you really feel sorry for poor kid. The Pit actually does a good job portraying how negative response to natural impulse can warp a young man’s sense of self and sexuality. Unfortunately, the second half of the movie drops the psychological intrigue and focuses on the pit monsters (little people in furry suits that aren’t entirely convincing).

Rating: 3/5 ★★★☆☆ 

Into the Dark: Film Review - The Pit (1981)

Whatever's down there, it needs fed.


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