Graphic Novel: “The Evil Tree” (FREE download)


The holiday season is in the air – and the gift giving that goes along with it. This time of year, there’s nothing better than a cool freebie, and Arcana Comics is delivering the goods with their new graphic novel, The Evil Tree.

You can download a FREE PDF of Chapter 1 below, or read it on your mobile device via Comixology.

They’re also offering the entire novel at a 25% discount through their online store (promo code “ARCANAWINTER”).

The Evil TreeThe Evil Tree is written by Erik Hendrix with art from Daniel Thollin. The story centers on a group of friends on a winter road trip to an isolated cabin deep in the woods, where they stir up some dark and twisted secrets from the past.  The story is somewhat reminiscent of Evil Dead, and the art has the look of the classic E.C. horror comics.

“A story of love and loss through the generations, what depths a family will go through to survive the horrors of reality, and what a group of friends will do to survive what the past brings to them. By Erik Hendrix & Denman Rooke. What is the secret of the tree?”

Read it for free on your mobile device at Comixology or download in PDF format here:

Low Res Version
High Res Version


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