Indie Film: “Merry Little Christmas” or as I like to call it, WTF!


In my continuing effort to bring you some holiday horrors that have most likely escaped your attention, I decided to share Merry Little Christmas, a 20 minute indie directed by Manuel Marin.

I have to say that I debated long and hard, because this is a difficult movie to watch. If you happened to see my post earlier in the week on the completely tongue-in-cheek Treevenge – well Merry Little Christmas is essentially the complete opposite (think Irreversible – 2002).

Given all the violence that has been in the media in recent days, I really questioned my own sensibilities here. This is a movie that looks unflinchingly at domestic violence and rape, and given the recent political dialog on those topics, I feel this movie has something important to say (maybe if certain congressmen were to watch it, they might get jarred out of the fantasy world they apparently live in.) In the end, I felt like that message was more important than the possibility I might offend someone.


That being said, I urge you to proceed with caution. This movie is not for the squeemish and most definitely NSFW. It is, however, beautifully shot and edited, and possesses some amazing effects work. (Tomorrow, I promise I’ll bring you something much more cheerful.)

In Spanish with English subtitles



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