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There are many new indie projects that we’re really excited about, but one that particularly caught my eye recently is Lord of Tears.

Shot against the backdrop of the Scottish Highlands, the cinematography is absolutely stunning and the atmosphere, while familiar (especially to fans of the sort of films produced by Hammer,) is chilling, nevertheless.

It’s a story of nightmares and monsters, with a unique antagonist that you’re not likely to forget.  From the press release:

Director/producer Lawrie Brewster has completed production on Lord of Tears, a supernatural horror film set in the Scottish Highlands.

LOT_4Lord of Tears takes its inspiration from the traditional British gothic ghost story, but adds a Celtic twist with its Highland setting and pagan themes. Scriptwriter Sarah Daly describes the film as ‘The Wicker Man meets The Woman in Black’.

Lord of Tears is a startling, psychological, supernatural thriller set against the ominous backdrop of a cursed highland estate. The film stars David Schofield (Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean) Lexy Hulme (500 Days of Summer) and Scottish actor Euan Douglas in his feature debut.

The film tells the chilling story of James Findlay (Douglas), a school teacher plagued by recurring nightmares of a mysterious and unsettling entity. Suspecting that his visions are linked to a dark incident in his past, James returns to his childhood home, a notorious mansion in the Scottish Highlands. There, he finds love in the form of aspiring dancer Evie Turner (Hulme) who helps him to unravel the dark history of the house. But, when James finally uncovers the disturbing truth behind his dreams, he must fight to survive the brutal consequences of his curiosity…


Director Lawrie Brewster says of the film ‘With this film I wanted to tell the type of story I enjoy watching, the creepy type of thriller that gets under your skin, with unexpected twists, and memorable and disturbing supernatural inspired imagery. We take inspiration from classic British chillers such as The Haunting and The Legend of Hell House whilst adding our own, Scottish Celtic twist to the mix.

Writer/Director team Sarah Daly and Lawrie Brewster have worked together on a number of projects including their debut feature White Out and the festival favourite Morgan M. Morgansen short films starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Channing Tatum and Lexy Hulme.

Lord of Tears takes advantage of the stunning and often brutal scenery of the Scottish Highlands, mirroring the conflict between the refined and the primal aspects of humanity – a theme explored throughout the film. The film also features a dark and broody original soundtrack by Craig Sutherland and Andy McDonald of Megalith Music.

The filmmakers behind Lord of Tears are gearing up for their film festival run, and are currently embarking on a Kickstarter campaign to help get the film in front of audiences. I can tell you this is something horror fans are going to want to see, so make sure this movie comes to a festival near you – visit their fundraising page HERE.  Visit the official webpage at

Lord of Tears Official Trailer from Lawrie Brewster on Vimeo.


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