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Prometheus is one of those movies that seems to divide people into two camps: those who got their minds blown, and the less-than-impressed. I fell solidly into the latter, and I have never wavered. As a die-hard fan of the original Alien films (even number 3!), this movie gave me very little of what I wanted, and what it did give me was not quite as thought-provoking or original as I’d been led to believe.

Now, to add insult to injury, there’s a script floating around the internet that appears to be an early draft by screenwriter Jon Spaihts – and it is much more… Alien-y. There was speculation that the script was a fake, however Spaihts himself took to Twitter over the weekend and confirmed its authenticity.

This recently unearthed draft bears the title Alien: ENGINEERS, and while it keeps the whole Alien/human origin story (which is one of the things I really didn’t like about Prometheus) it also includes facehuggers, chestbursters, and xenomorphs – the Alien trifecta!

Of particular note is a sex scene between Holloway and Watts, in which a chestburster erupts from Holloway immediately after the lovemaking and chases Watts into a storage locker.  The chestburster here isn’t exactly the creature we’ve become accustomed to in previous films. It’s described as “hideous,” “white and boneless” and “slick as an octopus.” When Watts hides in the locker, the chestburster flattens itself and starts sliding under the door! This sounds way more terrifying than what actually made it to the screen. (Check out the artist rendering of the scene, below.)

The xenomorphs are also somewhat prototypical, however the facehuggers are described almost exactly as they appeared in the original films:  “A facehugger emerges from the egg, its grotesque fingers clawing at the air. This is not the boneless squid that attacked Holloway; this is a pale skeletal hand, armored.”

While these things wouldn’t have entirely changed my opinion of Prometheus, it certainly would have helped. Now I can only lament over what might have been – thanks a lot, internet!!  Check out the script for yourself and let me know what you think. You can download it at


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