News: “World War Z” delivers the first trailer


While I really enjoyed the book, it’s format left me doubting the wisdom of trying to adapt World War Z to the big screen. And by all accounts, the production has had its share of setbacks, including key members of the crew leaving, rewrites, and re-shoots – ultimately resulting in the release being pushed from December 2012 to June 2013.

Still, plenty of successful films have gone through similar pains, so I’m not yet convinced of a crash-and-burn like some people are – but there are some things that give me pause.

For one, there’s the fanboy backlash. World War Z is written as a collection of anecdotes from several different people, and it paints a broad picture of the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Adapting something like this to fit a mainstream movie narrative means it’s going to be really tough to please hardcore fans.

There’s also the whole “slow zombie” vs. “fast zombie” debate. In World War Z (the movie), zombies aren’t just fast – they’re like freakin’ cheetahs! This may add a whole new dimension to the argument. For fans of the “traditional” slow moving undead, zombies with superhuman speed may be pushing things too far.

But what’s really got me concerned is the dependence on CGI for all the epic zombie scenes. At first glance, in a small YouTube window on my computer, I have to admit everything looks pretty awesome. But when those swarms of computer generated uber-zombies make it up to the big screen, I can’t help but feel likes it’s going be sheer disappointment – I Am Legend all over again, only ten times worse.

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