Series: Kill of the Week! #1 — Extinguished


Guys, we all sit at home in our dark little caves, bursting with glee at the severed heads, buckets of blood, and exposed entrails of our all-time favorite genre.  Why not celebrate together?  For this, it’s my bloody joy to bring you a new series I like to call Kill of the Week!

Starting things off with a bang (har har), it’s my all-time favorite death by fire extinguisher, from the lovely French sickies who brought you Irréversible.

Working backward, Gaspar Noé’s Irréversible begins at the end, and its first-last death is pure, brutal celluloid sin.  Dude obviously has some pent-up rage issues to work out, as this beating just goes on, and on, and ON, until the victim is smashed to a gloriously bloody pulp. Noé has this cruel, beautiful way of showing us exactly what nobody wants to see, and Irréversible is full of moments like these that get a little too hard to watch; a little too real.  That said, the sick little bastard in all of us keeps watching, and it’s the sick little bastard in me who jumped for joy a little to see that (presumed) rapist take a pounding.


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Kara is a Senior Office Assistant for the Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics at Indiana University. A past English major and lifetime writer, she has also served both as an actress and behind-the-scenes assistant for several projects with our friends at Clockwerk Pictures. Kara lives with her husband in Bloomington, Indiana. In her spare time, she is a freelance editor/proofreader for international students at Indiana University, and serves as an organizer of the Dark Carnival Film Festival (

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