Series: Kill of the Week! #2 — Hammered


Sometimes, we all need a little smashy-smashy. Sometimes, we need A LOT. So today’s Kill of the Week is a multi-kill from me to you. For your viewing pleasure:  the one and only “hammer-in-the-hallway” scene from Oldboy. Get gory!

Okay, I know we’ve all gazed upon the awesomeness that is Oldboy, and I’m sure it would be serious overkill to sit here and scream its virtues at you for too long, twisted bunch of sickies that you are.   You already love this film, and we all have a special, bloody place in our black little hearts for the “hammer scene”; it’s infamous, and has resulted in many a fan-boy boner (and.. well, whatever the fan-girl equivalent would be?) around the world.  Park Chan-wook is a master of human depravity, and his Vengeance Trilogy is a work of violent filmic genius.  Oldboy, like every other decent piece of international cinema, is getting its own American remake, courtesy of Spike Lee and starring Josh Brolin; whether it can live up to its Korean progenitor remains to be seen, but knowing horror fans (myself included), we’ll have the requisite “stop-fucking-making-remakes!” bitch-fest, but ultimately, most of us will still cough up the cash to go see it.

I’m getting away from the point, though.  Kill of the week?  HELL yeah.


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