Series: Kill of the Week! #3 — Drop the Chainsaw!


Today’s Kill of the Week is brought to you by your friend and mine — the fancy-dining, axe-wielding, serial-killing host-with-the-most — Mr. Patrick Bateman. Need help making that pesky hooker disappear? He’s your man.

I know I’ve discussed American Psycho before, but what the hell, and I’ll keep it short:  this shit is awesome. Awesome story, awesome killer, awesome kill. Of course, there are a zillion great moments in this movie, a zillion magnificent, crazy diatribes, and a zillion gallons of blood. It also gives me so much gruesome glee that such superior carnage came from a lady director (Mary Harron, I love you). Yeah, so the film isn’t overly nice to women, but the book wasn’t either, and some level of devotion to the source material is just crucial if you’re going to do an adaptation. Not everything has to be a salute to feminism, and politicizing a film usually just gives me the sleepies. It’s arguable whether any of the action in this story actually happened anyway, or whether it was all just occurring in Bateman’s broken mind. You decide.


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