Series: Kill of the Week! #5 — Choke on ‘Em!


Sometimes, the joy of a great on-screen death comes from the gory details of the kill itself; that’s what we’re here to celebrate. There’s something so satisfying, though, about seeing a total douchelord bite the big one. With that, I give you Captain Rhodes.

George Romero once said, “People today, looking back on the three zombie films, I think there are really split camps. There are some people, you can’t get ’em away from the first one, you know, it’s their love. Then there are people who sort of celebrate or party down to Dawn of the Dead; it’s sort of the wildest of the three, it was also the most popular. And then there are the real trolls, you know, that like Day of the Dead.”

Now, I love all of the Romero zombie films. Even the widely-criticized (or flat-out hated) later ones. But in my heart of hearts? I have to tell you guys – I’m a real troll. Day has always been my favorite, and maybe that’s because it’s just so bleak and disgusting, and the red stuff really gets me going. Who knows. Regardless of your preference, the death of Captain Rhodes is a gorgeous bit of special effects handiwork, a great kill, and an iconic moment in Romero’s inimitable trilogy.


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