Series: Kill of the Week! #7 — Bloody Old Faithful


When Johnny Depp was first starting out — before he became the ridiculous movie star that he is today – Wes Craven gave him a job. We all know what happens when Wes Craven gives you a job.

So, suspension of disbelief is pretty much key when it comes to making a horror film work. Never mind that the blood of 75 humans just shot up out of that Johnny-Depp-shaped bed-hole in what can only be described as a motherfucking geyser. Does it really matter that it’s scientifically impossible for the human body to spew out that much blood?  This is why we love Wes Craven. The sick bastard.


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Kara is a Senior Office Assistant for the Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics at Indiana University. A past English major and lifetime writer, she has also served both as an actress and behind-the-scenes assistant for several projects with our friends at Clockwerk Pictures. Kara lives with her husband in Bloomington, Indiana. In her spare time, she is a freelance editor/proofreader for international students at Indiana University, and serves as an organizer of the Dark Carnival Film Festival (

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