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News: “World War Z” delivers the first trailer


While I really enjoyed the book, it’s format left me doubting the wisdom of trying to adapt World War Z to the big screen. And by all accounts, the production has had its share of setbacks, including key members of the crew leaving, rewrites, and re-shoots – ultimately resulting in the release being pushed from December […]

Film Review: Interview with the Vampire (1994)


The story covers a lot of ground and time, but its the characters that I find most intriguing in Neil Jordan’s adaptation of Anne Rice’s novel. Lestat, Luis, and young Claudia are vampires, but take away their fangs and coffins, and you have a surrogate family steeped in homoerotic and incestuous desire.

Film Review: True Romance (1993)


First, allow me to speak for my inner thirteen-year-old: This is a fucking cool-ass movie. Okay, now I’ll try to be more adult. The screenplay by Quentin Tarantino is an exciting blend of violence, sweetness, and dark humor. Tony Scott (Top Gun) brings it to life with his usual polished style, and attracts a large […]

Film Review: Fight Club (1999)

fight club

A profound (yes, profound) pitch black satire that has become an anthem for a “generation of men raised by women”. From a gender studies perspective, Fight Club speaks to the fragility of masculine identity and the disturbing lengths to which misguided youth will go to feel like they belong, to have identity, to be men. […]

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