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Film Review: Howard the Duck (1986)

Into the Dark - Film Review: Howard the Duck

This may be a guilty pleasure, but I also think it inherited an unfair reputation.  George Lucas wanted to produce a comic film noir and about a stranded duck from another world who saves humanity from cosmic forces while trying to find his way home. No matter how well it was done, this would never […]

Sizing Up Superheroes: One Dork’s Top 10

Into the Dark - Sizing Up Superheroes: One Dork's Top 10

Aside from Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman: The Movie, the comic book phenomenon really didn’t hit Hollywood until 1989. That was the summer the zeitgeist was completely sideswiped and slapped silly by Tim Burton’s Batman. After that, there were a few attempts to cash in on the craze — Dick Tracy and The Rocketeer come to […]

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