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Movie Mini-Review: The Lost Boys (1987)


The public will never let Joel Schumacher live down his Batman movies, but let’s not forget that before there were nipples on the Batsuit, there was The Lost Boys. I think it’s Schumacher’s taste that made this movie what it is: the essence of cool. It was one of the first movies to make vampires […]

Film Review: Silver Bullet (1985)

Into the Dark - Film Review: Silver Bullet (1985)

A young brother and sister reconcile their differences while a werewolf preys on their quaint town in this nifty adaptation of Stephen King’s short novella, The Cycle of the Werewolf.  The combination of ‘monster movie’ and ‘coming of age movie’ is what really sets this flick apart.  The result is a film that’s as sweet […]

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