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2012 brings us a new version of everyone's favorite web-slinger.

[Note: This review contains minor spoilers.] Anyone who even remotely knows me knows…I love Spider-Man. Old webhead’s always been my favorite superhero and I’m a big fan of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films. Of course, it helps that- to me -they were all enjoyable films. Cheesy, yes. But fun and emotionally involving? Absolutely.


The TERMINATOR saga continues in...Terminator: Salvation

[Note: This review contains minor spoilers.] Terminator. The word in and of itself is practically iconic in pop culture. Most people, even if they haven’t seen any of the films, know to a certain extent what the films are about, and the title character himself (or should I say “itself”?) has seeped into the public […]

Review: Dark Shadows (2012)


In 1760, Joshua and Naomi Collins sailed from Liverpool to Maine with their young son Barnabas (Justin Tracy), and quickly set up a fishing port community called Collinsport. The town prospered, and the Collins family built a large mansion — Collinwood. Barnabas (Johnny Depp) grew into a young lothario, and had an affair with a […]

MUSIC REVIEW: Dark Shadows (2012) – Original Score

Dark Shadows - Danny Elfman Score

Just as Johnny Depp is Tim Burton’s cinematic avatar, Danny Elfman is Burton’s brother-in-atmosphere, connecting to the director’s unique atmosphere through music the way that Depp connects with the director’s misfit heroes. Since 1985’s Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Elfman has contributed the score to nearly all of Burton’s major studio output (with the exceptions of Ed […]

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