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Top 10 Creature Features


All top ten lists are highly subjective, so let’s just be clear here: these are MY top 10 creature features, not the results of scientifically sound survey or research.  Oh, and I limited my selection to ‘inhumanoid’ creatures, so humanoid monsters like Hannibal Lecter and Dracula are not in this list.  Obviously, not everyone’s favorite […]

Film Review: The Fly II (1989)

Into the Dark: Film Review - The Fly II (1989)

I can’t believe how much I like this movie. As unnecessary sequels go, The Fly II is far, far better than it has any right to be. I think the fact that Shawshank Redemption director and Walking Dead instigator Frank Darabont cowrote the screenplay has something to do with it. The film is more of […]

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