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Series: Kill of the Week! #8 — Keep Away from Pumpkinhead


Oh, my little freaks and freakettes, I’m so happy. Summer is over, and for the next five weeks or so, it’s our time – official, balls-to-the-wall Halloween time. It’s this time of year that our blood lust is accepted by the world at large and our year-round viewing habits are finally vindicated. Okay. Honestly though. […]

News: John Carpenter’s Halloween Back in Theaters


Standing behind two young gentlemen, I overheard the following exchange at a horror convention this past weekend: (Kid #1) “I heard they’re not gonna release Halloween 3D this year, or maybe ever.” (Kid #2) “The first two movies weren’t that good – that’s probably why. I don’t even get why they have all this stuff […]

Worst 2 Best: The HALLOWEEN Franchise
Part 2 of 2

Halloween: Worst to Best

The Halloween series is one of the biggest franchises in modern horror cinema. That being said, it is also rife with completely unrelated story-lines and sequels of diminishing value, both in regards to their technical competence and enjoyability. While the films’ various strengths and weaknesses can be argued over and over, the power of this franchise, […]

Worst 2 Best: The HALLOWEEN Franchise
Part 1 of 2


Birthing seven sequels and a remake (which spawned a sequel of its own), John Carpenter’s Halloween launched a franchise that became one of the most successful sagas in modern horror cinema. The story of boogeyman Michael Myers began simply, a tale of evil incarnate stalking babysitters on Halloween night, and over a series of both […]

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