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Movie Mini-Review: The Island of Dr Moreau (1977)

Movie Mini-Review: The Island of Dr Moreau (1977)

The fine line between what is human and what is animal is one of my favorite subjects, so I love H.G. Wells’ original story, and despite popular opinion, I really liked the 1997 film version, too. This version is less faithful than the ’97 one, but I do enjoy the fact that Dr. Moreau attempts […]

Film Review: War of the Worlds (2005)


After wallowing in sappy Tom Hanks movies for the better part of a decade, Steven Spielberg finally gets off his ass and makes another great thriller. Of course, this remake of War of the Worlds is no Jaws. This movie may have some problems, but fact of the matter is, it fills me with genuine […]

Film Review: First Men in the Moon (1964)


Based on the story by HG Wells, First Men in the Moon begins with our historic landing on the moon (five years before the actual moon landing). But the international crew of astronauts are surprised to discover a tiny British flag already planted in the moon’s surface. Government officials quickly track down the last surviving […]

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