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The Jasons – Get Fucked (2016)


The Jasons – Get Fucked (2016) Horror punk comes in many forms, but rarely is there a group with the laser focus – or insane obsession – to dedicate their whole band, and each album, to one particular horror sub-set. The Jasons are such a band, and the Friday the 13th franchise – encompassing three […]

Danzig – Skeletons (2015)


Danzig – Skeletons (2015) Label: Evilive/Nuclear Blast Welcome to the first edition of “Nathan’s HOUSE OF WAX,” a weekly look into the world of macabre music, with a specific, but not limited, focus on vinyl releases. The prospect of a covers album is always dicey. You’re instantly running the risk of releasing an album that […]

Music Review: The Bloody Jug Band – Rope Burn (2015)


So, confession time. struggles with recent posts due to the fact that those of us who are contributors are also filmmakers – who are currently jumping from one feature to the next. So, due to the fact that we’ve been in an awesome-but-tiring cycle of preproduction-production-post-release-preproduction-production-post-etc, and the fact that we work day jobs, […]

Series: Kill of the Week! #8 — Keep Away from Pumpkinhead


Oh, my little freaks and freakettes, I’m so happy. Summer is over, and for the next five weeks or so, it’s our time – official, balls-to-the-wall Halloween time. It’s this time of year that our blood lust is accepted by the world at large and our year-round viewing habits are finally vindicated. Okay. Honestly though. […]

Dracula: Prince of Darkness (BluRay Review)


I’m fairly eclectic when it comes to horror films. I enjoy the whole spectrum of fright flicks, from the Universal Classics to the atomic age monsters, from Eurohorror to American slashers, I am a fan of all kinds of terror tales on the silver screen. But when I want to evoke the feeling of gothic […]

New Music Video from The Bloody Jug Band – “Roadkill Boys”


Florida swamp-noir stompers The Bloody Jug Band are back with a brand new video. “Roadkill Boys,” one of the strongest tracks from their album Coffin Up Blood (review here) is a slow-burn-to-blister song detailing the lives of those who feed on carrion and death… and the video… well, it features puppets! No worries, fiends… much in […]

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