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Series: Kill of the Week! #8 — Keep Away from Pumpkinhead


Oh, my little freaks and freakettes, I’m so happy. Summer is over, and for the next five weeks or so, it’s our time – official, balls-to-the-wall Halloween time. It’s this time of year that our blood lust is accepted by the world at large and our year-round viewing habits are finally vindicated. Okay. Honestly though. […]

Dracula: Prince of Darkness (BluRay Review)


I’m fairly eclectic when it comes to horror films. I enjoy the whole spectrum of fright flicks, from the Universal Classics to the atomic age monsters, from Eurohorror to American slashers, I am a fan of all kinds of terror tales on the silver screen. But when I want to evoke the feeling of gothic […]

New Music Video from The Bloody Jug Band – “Roadkill Boys”


Florida swamp-noir stompers The Bloody Jug Band are back with a brand new video. “Roadkill Boys,” one of the strongest tracks from their album Coffin Up Blood (review here) is a slow-burn-to-blister song detailing the lives of those who feed on carrion and death… and the video… well, it features puppets! No worries, fiends… much in […]

Review: The Lords of Salem (2013)


Rob Zombie is probably the most debated and polarizing director working in horror today. No current director in the genre draws such extreme and varying reactions as Zombie, and, as an admitted fan of his work, I find this hard to believe. It could be that Zombie, known to many fans for years as the […]

10 Things I Would Have In A Monster Squad Style Tree House Horror Hangout!


I’ve never participated in a blogger challenge / blogger round table before, but, when I saw this one, I just couldn’t pass it up. Johnny Squires, the man behind the genius blog Freddy In Space, threw down a gauntlet in a big, bad way, and it totally excited me to no end. Thus, I present to […]

Movie Review: Texas Chainsaw 3-D (2013)


When an established film franchise is rebooted in the form of a remake, most diehard fans of said franchise usually react in one of the following ways:  either with rage that an ongoing storyline, no matter how off-the-path it has fallen, has been abandoned, with relief that the meandering plot lines have been abandoned, or […]

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