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Film Review: Field of Dreams (1989)

Into the Dark - Film Review: Field of Dreams (1989)

This delicate fantasy about regret and second chances casts a powerful spell that brings many grown men to tears before the credits roll. To that effect, Field of Dreams is a beautiful indictment of the unspoken, unrequited nature of father-son relationships — the main ingredient in any male weepy. The story concerns a beleaguered Iowa […]


2012 brings us a new version of everyone's favorite web-slinger.

[Note: This review contains minor spoilers.] Anyone who even remotely knows me knows…I love Spider-Man. Old webhead’s always been my favorite superhero and I’m a big fan of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films. Of course, it helps that- to me -they were all enjoyable films. Cheesy, yes. But fun and emotionally involving? Absolutely.

Film Review: Willow (1988)


George Lucas produces and Ron Howard directs this sword and sorcery fantasy adventure about an unlikely band of heroes who protect a prophetic baby against an evil queen who seeks to destroy them all. Willow is its producer’s baby and has a lot in common with the Star Wars movies. It’s characters are broadly drawn, […]

Film Review: Krull (1983)


Krull is an ambitious fantasy adventure that throws a slew of familiar staples into a well trodden tale. But what it lacks in originality Krull makes up in style and spirit. Ken Marshall plays Colwyn, a young prince who must rescue his bride-to-be from a galactic Beast. Marshall brings a little Errol Flynn to the […]

Film Review: Casper (1995)


Beneath the cutsey-poo veneer of this big-budget family spectacle is a surprisingly morose Ghost and Mrs. Muir subplot. The screenplay is a bit scatter-shot in its aim, but I have to give this flick major kudos for tackling the subjects of death and loneliness in a kid-friendly way. There are a few terrific little scenes […]

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