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Original, New Dark Shadows Films creeping to home video this fall!!


For Dark Shadows fans, both of the original Dan Curtis gothic horror-soap and of Tim Burton’s lavish re-imaging (review here), October is going to be one HELL of a month! Warner Home Video has announced that all THREE Dark Shadows films will be released on DVD and BluRay this October. 2012 seems to be the […]

Review: Dark Shadows (2012)


In 1760, Joshua and Naomi Collins sailed from Liverpool to Maine with their young son Barnabas (Justin Tracy), and quickly set up a fishing port community called Collinsport. The town prospered, and the Collins family built a large mansion — Collinwood. Barnabas (Johnny Depp) grew into a young lothario, and had an affair with a […]

MUSIC REVIEW: Dark Shadows (2012) – Original Score

Dark Shadows - Danny Elfman Score

Just as Johnny Depp is Tim Burton’s cinematic avatar, Danny Elfman is Burton’s brother-in-atmosphere, connecting to the director’s unique atmosphere through music the way that Depp connects with the director’s misfit heroes. Since 1985’s Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Elfman has contributed the score to nearly all of Burton’s major studio output (with the exceptions of Ed […]

REVIEW: House of Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows - House of Dark Shadows - Lobbycard

With Tim Burton’s big-budget adaptation of Dan Curtis’ classic horror-soap Dark Shadows hitting theatres, much debate has been made regarding whether the new film will pay enough homage to the original series. Would the beloved franchise be bastardized? Before that question can be answered fairly, however, a look to the first film adaptation of Dark […]

REVIEW: Dark Shadows – The House of Despair (audio drama)


Dark Shadows, that ever-rising creation of Dan Curtis, the horror-soap that has spawned two television reboots (one unaired), two direct film adaptations, one forthcoming big-budget re-imagining by Tim Burton, as well as comics, novels, and albums, has spread its story broadly; the narrative, covering many, many generations of the cursed Collins family, seems as undying […]

REVIEW: Dark Shadows – The Revival


With Tim Burton’s film adaptation/re-imaging of Dark Shadows hitting theaters, I thought it would be appropriate to see the first “remake” of this property, the appropriately named Dark Shadows: The Revival (or simply, as the title card indicates, Dark Shadows). Yes, before the big screen adaptation (well, after, if you consider the two films spawned […]

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