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A Tribute to Comic-Con: One Unabashed and Proud Geek’s Personal Love Letter

A Comic-Conning We'll Go...

With slumping shoulders, we sadly glance up at the blue sign above us as we slowly approach and with heavy hearts we read the white writing: “See you next year!” And with that…it’s over. Again. And a serious case of the “post-convention blues” begins to settle into my soul. It’s over. Again. (deep sigh) It’s […]

Film Review: Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man 1

It’s easy for old Iron Man to get unfairly maligned or overly celebrated in people’s memory.

Film Review: Enemy Mine (1985)

Gossett Jr and Quaid make lemons out of lemonade after nearly killing each other.

After tackling fantasy in “The Neverending Story,” director Wolfgang Petersen turned to science-fiction in this intimate tale of opposing fighter pilots who crash-land on a dangerous planet together. Dennis Quaid plays the human, and Louis Gossett Jr plays the alien, unrecognizable under Chris Walas’ convincing prosthetic makeup.

Film Review: Street Trash (1986)

An unwitting homeless man literally melts into a toilet in "Street Trash."

“Street Trash” is grade-A schlock, precisely the kind of movie that would make your mama cry if she knew you were watching it. An unwitting liquor store owner discovers an old crate of cheap booze and starts selling it to the local homeless population. Unfortunately, the toxic brew has a nasty side effect — the […]

Film Review: The Stepford Wives (1975)

Before she was Donnie Darko's shrink, Katharine Ross was a Stepford Wife.

[Note: This review contains spoilers.] Joanna (Katharine Ross) moves with her husband and children to idyllic Stepford, where the women love making cookies, cleaning house, and servicing their husbands. Yes, ladies, it’s a horror movie. And one that holds up remarkably well.

Film Review: The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

Grant Williams plays the eponymous shrinking man in this terrific sci-fi/horror gem.

This terrifying tale of emasculation is my favorite sci-fi/horror flick from the atomic age. Grant Williams stars as Scott Carey, a man who gets caught in a strange mist while boating with his wife. Afterwards, he notices his clothes don’t fit quite like they used to. His wife assures him everything is fine, that he […]

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