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Top 10 Creature Features


All top ten lists are highly subjective, so let’s just be clear here: these are MY top 10 creature features, not the results of scientifically sound survey or research.  Oh, and I limited my selection to ‘inhumanoid’ creatures, so humanoid monsters like Hannibal Lecter and Dracula are not in this list.  Obviously, not everyone’s favorite […]

Movie Review: The Thing (1982)


Kurt Russell stars as an Antarctic scientist trying to discover the identity of a mysterious alien that slaughtered a neighboring research team. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve never seen John Carpenter’s The Thing, and you call yourself a horror fan, you are in for the biggest pants-shitting session of your […]

Film Review: Legend (1985)


Ridley Scott directs this lavishly mounted fantasy film that’s high on style but relatively low on action. The sets are jaw-dropping, whether it’s the huge, scintillating fairy forest or the fiery underground dungeons of hell. Makeup artist Rob Bottin showcases some spectacular work that was robbed of an Oscar (David Cronenberg’s remake of The Fly […]

Film Review: The Howling (1981)


Dee Wallace (E.T., The Frighteners) plays a big city TV reporter who escapes to the countryside after a traumatic experience.  Unfortunately, the hills are alive with werewolves!  The Howling is a well-made horror flick from director Joe Dante (Gremlins, Matinee), who likes to mix genuine scares with tongue-in-cheek humor.

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