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Movie Review: ParaNorman


I was forced to put off writing this review while I got caught up on some other projects, but the impression that ParaNorman made has not diminished in the few days since I watched it. ParaNorman is about a boy who sees dead people – only he’s way cooler than that Haley Joel Osment kid […]

News: “Toys in the Attic” – the stop-motion of my childhood nightmares


With ParaNorman opening in theaters today, you might think I’d be writing about an amazing stop-motion animated feature – and I am – just not that one… not yet.¬†First, I wanted to toss a lesser known gem your way.

News: “ParaNorman” – The Ultimate Preview


From King Kong (1933), to The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, to Star Wars, stop-motion has been responsible for breathing life into my favorite monsters. Back in the early 90s when filmmakers got all sloppy drunk on CGI, stop-motion nearly got the electric-chair in Hollywood for being too fake and cheesy (I know, it’s hard to […]

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