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Series: Kill of the Week! #5 — Choke on ‘Em!


Sometimes, the joy of a great on-screen death comes from the gory details of the kill itself; that’s what we’re here to celebrate. There’s something so satisfying, though, about seeing a total douchelord bite the big one. With that, I give you Captain Rhodes.

Film Review: Dawn of the Dead (1978)


Ten years after putting zombies in vogue with Night of the Living Dead, George Romero did it again, and with the same success. Never content to make a zombie movie that is just a zombie movie, Romero infuses Dawn with a statement on the soul-numbing effects of crass commercialism. It’s excellent fodder for college essays, […]

Film Review: Creepshow 2 (1987)


It’s not nearly as good as its predecessor, but I like two out of the three tales featured in Creepshow 2. The first story, “Old Chief Wood’nhead”, is about a wooden Indian statue that comes alive to avenge the murder of a kindly old couple played by George Kennedy and Dorothy Lamour. Kennedy and Lamour […]

Film Review: Martin (1978)


Everyone associates George Romero with his zombie flicks, but if you ask the director, he’ll say the dark character study Martin is his favorite work. Martin is a young man (John Amplas) who believes he must drink blood in order to live. Early in the movie, Martin moves in with his cousin (Lincoln Maazel), a […]

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