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News: “World War Z” delivers the first trailer


While I really enjoyed the book, it’s format left me doubting the wisdom of trying to adapt World War Z to the big screen. And by all accounts, the production has had its share of setbacks, including key members of the crew leaving, rewrites, and re-shoots – ultimately resulting in the release being pushed from December […]

Book Review: “The Cold Beneath” by Tonia Brown


Disgraced biomechanic Phillip Syntax has been forced into obscurity by his beloved mentor and betrayed by his lover. Having lived in a long, self-imposed seclusion, Syntax is visited by a legendary soldier, who offers Syntax a chance to restore his name by accompanying him on an unprecedented journey-by-air to claim the North Pole.

Series: Kill of the Week! #5 — Choke on ‘Em!


Sometimes, the joy of a great on-screen death comes from the gory details of the kill itself; that’s what we’re here to celebrate. There’s something so satisfying, though, about seeing a total douchelord bite the big one. With that, I give you Captain Rhodes.

Film Review: Dawn of the Dead (1978)


Ten years after putting zombies in vogue with Night of the Living Dead, George Romero did it again, and with the same success. Never content to make a zombie movie that is just a zombie movie, Romero infuses Dawn with a statement on the soul-numbing effects of crass commercialism. It’s excellent fodder for college essays, […]

Film Review: Shock Waves (1977)


Vacationing teenagers get stranded on a remote island where a reclusive Nazi (Peter Cushing) has been bringing soldiers back to life. Yes, that’s right — Nazi zombies. And not just Nazi zombies. Underwater Nazi zombies. Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

Series: Top 5 of the Past 25, #4 — Zombie Movies


So, I’ve lived on Planet Horror for quite some time now, and it’s safe to say I’ve been around the block a few times (you can take that however you like; chances are, you’re right).  Existing in this world can be a beautifully obscene thing, but you learn quickly that adoption into the fold comes […]

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