The Unreleased HELLRAISER Themes

The Unreleased Hellraiser Themes

HELLRAISER was one of the most unique films to come out of the 1980’s. It offered slasher fans a new set of villains, recognized sex as an instrument of horror, rejected traditional themes of religion and gave us a taste of an afterlife, where Heaven and Hell are just departments in the same monstrous bureaucracy, both conspiring against us. Clive Barker’s writing was subversive, the man himself, a representative of the underground rising to the top.  Sex, Magick, Art, Daemons and Blood were the very hellbound heart of everything Barker was writing and there was a rumor that he may even be a… homosexual.

About the time that HELLRAISER was being filmed, another group of artists was coming into their own. These young Thelemists held similar values to Mr. Barker. The subjects of their werk were often the nightmares of sex and death, of blood, magick, power and rebirth. They were, and remain, one of the most influential groups on the underground scene. They told of their horrors through music.

The band, COIL, were well aware of the success of their fellow Brit. As production on Clive Barker’s first film began, the men of COIL did what today would be the duty of the fanboy. They created an unsolicited soundtrack to honor the work they respected so well. Filled with strange, new and synthetic noises, the result is a soundscape, dark, mesmerizing, haunting. The marketing of the first film of a touted underground author, scored by an incredible underground band would have been the celebrated joy of every punker becoming an industrial goth. In the end, the studio decided to go with a more traditional orchestral score and today, Christopher Young is known as the man who composed the music for Hellraiser that is loved by fans the world over. A side effect of this, however, is that most horror fans have never heard what might have been. We’re about to change that. We have such sounds to show you! Open the Lament Configuration and enjoy these, THE UNRELEASED HELLRAISER THEMES. Let us know… do they strike you as Heaven… or HELL! What’s your pleasure?







and the placeless CARDINAL POINTS


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